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Roof Foam Coating

Advantages Of Roof Foam Coating

  • Cost-savings: Roof coatings can reduce indoor temperatures by seven to ten degrees by deflecting enough of the sun's heat from the roof.

  • Ensure a Longer Roof Life: UV radiation and water are two of the major causes of a roof's demise. An effective roof coating can help halt the deterioration process and can make your roof last for up to 10 years.

  • Seams and joints must be avoided: A roof's seams and joints are its weak spots, making them vulnerable to rainfall as the sun causes the roof to age and deteriorate. There are no seams or joints in spray foam surfaces.

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Roof Foam Coating: The Smart Solution To Replacement

Roof coatings are designed to provide protection to a wide range of roofing systems. Coatings applied to roof foam are designed to protect it from UV ray damage. For each application, the right coating will depend on factors such as foot traffic on the roof and environmental conditions.

Adding coatings to a deteriorated roof will improve its appearance! In the case of a coating being applied over an existing and functional roof, the investment will be protected. Over time, coatings corrode and need to be replaced. The coating amount will determine how long it will take to require a second or third coating renewal. A sufficient coating must be applied during the initial application to ensure it will not need renewal for a minimum of 7 to 10 years. Coatings protect the most expensive component of the system. They protect polyurethane foam and the insulation provided by it.

Roam Foam Coating Maintenance

It is important to inspect both the roof coating and the roof itself once or twice a year and after storms or high winds. It is not unusual for the foam to tear or rip from time to time, but if this occurs it can usually be repaired by applying caulk to the damaged area.

A coating can develop small pits as it ages due to weathering. This is a gradual process that may not be immediately visible, but if the hole causes water to leak in, the whole roof will need to be replaced.

In case the coating is too brittle, it may crack or delaminate, negating any potential protective qualities. When reviewing a material's properties, look for the phrase "elongation." Manufacturers or suppliers can help you select the best elastomer coating for your roof.

Hiring the right contractor will avoid issues and unnecessary costs, contact us and you will have the highest quality service and the most professional team by your side.

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